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Free Condoms

Get free condoms at distribution sites throughout Kansas City, at events and at STD treatment centers.

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Upcoming Events

Get hooked up before you hook up. Attend a community event near you. Receive free condoms, get free STD testing, or learn more about STDs.

STD Testing and Treatment Centers

Medical centers where STD testing and treatment is available.

STD testing is free, quick and confidential. Walk-in or schedule an appointment to get a STD test for you and your partner. Get your STD test results in 10 days or less. Some results are available right away.


PrEP is intended for people who are at risk of getting HIV. The once daily pill reduces the risk of HIV by more than 90%. Ask your health care provider for more information.
Find a PrEP provider near you.

STD Symptoms

Symptoms of common sexually transmitted diseases

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STD Myths and Facts

Urban legends and facts about sexually transmitted diseases

If a woman feels burning when earwax is put in her vagina she has an STD.
This myth, known as the STD prison test, is FALSE. True? False!
Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD infection in the USA.
The most commonly reported infection is indeed chlamydia. Gonorrhea is the second most commonly reported STD in the United States. True? True!
Using two condoms prevents STDs.
In this case, less is more. Use only one condom every time you engage in sex. True? False!
An STD known as Blue Waffle Disease causes burning, itching, blue discoloration and discharge, and swelling of the vagina.
Blue Waffle Disease is many things, but real is not one of them. It is an urban legend about a fictional STD. True? False!
Teenagers can receive testing and treatment for STDs without having their parents notified.
True. In Missouri, minors 14 years and older can be tested and treated for STDs without a parent's permission or notification. True? True!
More than 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV.
More than 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV, and 1 in 8 of them don’t know it. True? True!
You can't tell if someone has an STD by looking at them.
True. People can and do have STDs without having any symptoms. True? True!
STDs can be spread by sharing toilet seats.
STDs are contracted by sexual contact (generally speaking). True? False!
It's important to wait to have sex after getting tested until more accurate test results can be obtained.
It takes time for STDs to appear in the system. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea take 2-3 weeks, HIV and Syphilis take 12 weeks, and Herpes and Genital warts can only be tested during an outbreak. True? True!


The purpose of the I Got Mine in KC project is to get residents hooked up before they hook up. There has been an increase of sexually transmitted diseases in the Kansas City Metro area. With the help of Code for America, the Kansas City, MO Health Department developed the I Got Mine in KC project in 2016. I got mine in KC means I got mine, you should get yours too. This means you should get your free condoms, STD test, and accurate sexual health information. By receiving these free health resources offered by the Kansas City, MO Health Department and its partners, residents of Kansas City can get empowered, healthy, and be pro-active.


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